Travel Agent Channel Manager

Get access to many distribution channels and use their inventory – Distribute your inventory to many channels!

Travel Channel Manager is an application for the management of many channels. Each bed bank / wholesaler / consolidator / aggregator is considered a channel and the application gives user the opportunity to search the inventory of many providers for the product or services he is interested in and therefore obtains the best possible conditions.

Can be directly connected with the iTour Web Application giving user the ability to use the channels he is connected with (as well as any other channel in the system) in order to pull inventory from these channels and create his own products & services to push them in his own B2B and B2C channels.

Every OTA, GDS, portal, Website, Corporate Business and user of iTour user is a channel within Travel Channel Manager. This means that, on the one hand you can use the inventory of other channels and on the other you will distribute yours to all system users, facilitating your distribution and saving time and costs.