iAgent: B2B and B2B2C Application 

iAgent is a stand alone application to provide any Travel Agent / Tour operator to interconnect with other  travel agents / tour operators and gain access to their inventory of hotels and other tourism services, such as: car rntals, transfers, boats, activities etc. therefore having a base to sell and / or resell.

Once you get this application (either as stand alone or Backoffice module) you become part of a network of travel professionals and you may buy, sell or re-sell inventory.

The user of this application has also the ability to upload his own inventory and distribute it to partners around the globe. This feature provides him the option to penetrate many markets without marketing expenses.

iAgent can also be combined with Backoffice so that travel agent can create any products/services (like his holiday packages for example) and distribute it on B2B basis to his collaborators. This way he build his network of re-sellers.

iClient: B2C Module

iClient is the main gateway for the B2C functions of  the Travel Agent / Tour Operator. It is not actually a module but rather a series of  actions to impleement exposure to final consumers, either via his own website/portal but also via other means of B2C distribution, like xml, white label, affiliate marketing etc.

We therefore provide our customers templates with responsive design to choose from with already built-in Booking engines for all his products and services (flights, hotels, care rentals, transfers etc.).

In our webpage: http://hera.weblogic.gr/themes/ (click on the “Travel Agent” label) you can see plenty of templates with integrated booking engines for travel agents and tour operators! Last but not least, mobile apps can also be created with your brand to facilitate your interaction with customers.